Safety Rules for OBRPC Ranges


Important  Reminders for ALL members

 Range Rules  —  The club has established policies and rules for the safety of all club members to follow when using the Indoor and Outdoor ranges.  These rules are for the safety of  EVERYONE.  They will be published in the January and June  newsletters.  Please print them out and keep a copy in your range bag so you have them with you when you use the ranges.            The Range Rules are also posted on the outdoor range.


as of JUNE 1st 2015

The Board has approved the following changes to the club rules to further enhance safety at the club.

– As of June 1st, 2015, the use of Empty Chamber Indicators will be mandatory at both the indoor and outdoor ranges. These are also known as safety flags which can be stored in gun racks closed without a safety flag, but shall be immediately opened when removed from gun racks.  They are to be closed only on the firing line.

The club will be supplying safety flags at various locations at both ranges. Any firearm that is uncased or not in a holster must have the flags inserted before anyone proceeds down range.

– As of June 1st, 2015, all shooters using the indoor range must be behind the yellow safety line before anyone goes down range.

Safety Committee



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